Yessian is a global collective of creatives, producers, composers, music supervisors and recording artists.

Yessian New York

We've been cranking out music in the city that never sleeps since 1999, and we have not slept much either. Our team of 9 New York based producers, creatives, composers and sound mixers call our studios on 5th Avenue in the Flat Iron district home. With 4 studios, we can record, mix and facilitate full audio-post production all within a stones throw of some of the city's great restaurants.

Yessian Detroit

This is where it all started. In 1971, Dan Yessian, created Yessian Music in an abandoned bait & tackle fishing store. Today the Detroit office has 5 studios and a large live room for recording and mixing with a full-time staff of 12. We pride ourselves in quality craftsmanship, tuned ears and some Detroit grit.  

Yessian Los Angeles

LALA Land has never been the same since we moved in. We've been creating music and sound design from the US "left coast" since 2004. You'll find us in our Glendale studio where we are set up to create the next (fill in the blank) musical hit.

Yessian Hamburg

We have been working across Europe, the Middle East and Africa since 2002. Our teams have decades of experience in the EMEA business market creating for commercials, TV, film and experiential projects.

Meet The Team

Michael Yessian

Partner/Head of Production


+1-248-640-6440 Cell

Brian Yessian



+1-248-640-6438 Cell

Weston Fonger

Sr. Sound Designer/Audio Post Mixer


Lars Makie



Sam Bellingham

Associate Composer/Mixer


Matt Nelson

Executive Producer


Andy Grush

Creative Director


Laura Woolley

Business Manager


Trevor Skerbe

Assistant Sound Designer / Studio Assistant


Jacob Wolfe

Associate Sound Designer


Mike Baluha

Sound Designer/Audio Mixer


Ingmar Rehberg

Managing Director/Executive Producer


Jeff Dittenber

Director of Sound Design


Scotty Gatteño

Director of Technology/Lead Mixer


Selina Herrero



David Gold

Executive Producer


Angelina Powers

Sr. Producer


Josie Palmer

Production Assistant


Jerry Krenach

Global Head of Creative Development 


Gerard Smerek

Global Creative Director


Mark Chu

Sr. Composer


Marlene Bartos

Managing Director/EP


Jessica Glowacki

Associate Producer


Evelyn Brown

Executive Producer


Ben Lantz

Sound Designer/Audio Engineer


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